Supply Chain

The Office of Supply Chain plans, implements and controls the flow of product from the suppliers to our stores to ensure consumers have the best selection and prices.  The PLCB buys more than $1 billion dollars worth of product from domestic and foreign suppliers, and distributes more than 16 million cases of wine and spirits on an annual basis, serviced through three distribution centers in the commonwealth.

Products that are sold by the PLCB are categorized as either regular items, luxury items or special order items.  Regular items are products that are routinely stocked in the DCs and shipped to stores on normal replenishment orders based on forecasted sales in the stores.  Luxury items are products that are purchased intermittently or as one-time purchases.  These items are not routinely forecasted and are typically sent to selected stores as they are received in the warehouses.  Special order products are items that are not stocked in the PLCB DCs, but may be special ordered by either licensees or by consumers.  These items are ordered based on the minimum order sizes as set by the supplier and are shipped to a PLCB retail store where they are picked up by the customer.

Details about the Office of Supply Chain and contact information is available on the Organization pages. 

Information for suppliers is available on the Supplier/Training pages.