The Supply Chain Organization is responsible for all activities that are required to maintain the supply of normal listed products sold in PLCB stores. Tasks include demand forecasting, merchandise procurement, handling the flow of product into PLCB warehouses, calculation of store replenishment needs and delivery to the stores. The group strives to maintain high service levels to the stores and their customers, while minimizing the investment in inventory. The Supply Chain organization also oversees the product supply activities of vendors who participate in the PLCB's Bailment Program. For non-stocked items (Luxury, Chairman's Selection, etc.), the Supply Chain organization handles inbound logistics, warehousing activities and merchandise delivery to the stores. For contact information, use the links on right.

The Supply Chain is composed of two Bureaus, the Bureau of Distribution and Logistics and the Bureau of Planning and Procurement. 

The Bureau of Distribution and Logistics is responsible for the receipt, storage and delivery of merchandise from vendors to the Retail Store System. The bureau oversees inbound freight activity and our various consolidation programs. They also coordinate product importation, as well as compliance with various federal, state and local regulations regarding the movement and handling of alcoholic beverages. They manage operations in our three Distribution Centers which are run by third party logistics providers under long term contracts to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These warehouses are located in Philadelpha, Taylor (Scranton area) and Pittsburgh. The bureau is also responsible for product delivery from our three DCs to the more than 600 retail stores in the PLCB system. 

The Bureau of Planning and Procurement is responsible for ensuring that the stores have the regular stock merchandise needed to support demand while minimizing the investment in inventory by forecasting sales volumes, procuring needed merchandise, managing vendors in the bailment program to ensure compliance with service level and stock level targets, and managing merchandise replenishment to the stores. There are three divisions in the Bureau. The Division of Product Forecasting handles the task of forecasting sales for the 2,900 listed products at each of the stores. The Division of Store Replenishment manages all aspects of the DC to store replenishment, ensuring that the shipments from the DCs to the stores have the right product, in the right quantities needed to meet customer demand. The Division of Product Procurement handles the purchase of regular listed merchandise from both domestic and international suppliers, ensuring that required stock is available for shipment to stores. They are responsibile for both service levels to the stores and the overall inventory level in the system. In addition, they monitor and manage the activities of vendors in the Bailment program, ensuring that the vendors maintain adequate stock to support store sales while meeting weeks of supply limits.