Selling Products in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has several different means of selling products in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Supplier representatives wishing to sell their products in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are welcome to submit their items using the means listed below.  Specific details regarding each avenue are outlined in the Procedures & Policies for Vendors Manual

Regular Stock Merchandise
The Bureau of Product Selection, Product and Category Management Division reviews new regular stock listings two times per year.  There are several different steps a new supplier partner must meet prior to submitting an item for listing and we encourage all potential suppliers to review the Stock Listing Policies section of the Procedures & Policies for Vendors Manual for additional information.

4-5-4 Retail Calendar - Calendar Format
4-5-4 Retail Calendar - List Format

Bulk Alcohol Purchase Order
Indemnity Form
Instant Redeemable Coupon Worksheet
Manufacturer's Rebate Offer Form 
On-Pack Request Form
Quotation and Specification Forms ( Standard Quotation and Specification Form) 
Request for POP Approval Form 
Request for Shelf Talkers/Bottle Hangers Form
SPA Notification Form - Request for Approval

Vendor Allowance Portal (SPA) Training Guide

Questions regarding regular stock listings or category shelf sets can be directed to:
Pamela Bernd
Chief, Product and Category Management Division

Luxury Products

The Luxury Product Management Division is responsible for the Luxury selection within our Premium Collection retail stores.  The Luxury Division evaluates fine wines from around the world and reviews each for their soundness, price/value relationship, and market appeal.

Luxury wines differ from regular stock because they are limited in distribution.  Questions regarding Luxury wine can be directed to:
Bob Trimble
Chief, Luxury Wine Division 

Our e-commerce website seeks to offer consumers highly allocated items where only one to five cases may be available in Pennsylvania.  The site often looks for products from small producers and start-up companies looking to enter the market with unique products.  Collector's items, eclectic merchandise and niche products are also considered.

Items may be submitted for review directly to:
Jane Merritt
E-commerce Manager

Chairman's Selection

The Chairman's Selection
program wines are hand selected, using Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits Stores' buying power and longstanding relationships with wineries to provide savvy consumers both world-renowned wines and undiscovered gems.

Chairman's Selectionwines are typically a minimum of 40 percent below nationally quoted prices, often at the best prices nationwide or exclusive to Pennsylvania.

Items for Chairman's Selectionmay be submitted to:
Steve Pollack
Chairman's SelectionBuyer

Special Products
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is required to obtain any available wine or spirit that is not carried by the Board for customers in Pennsylvania in the supplier's minimum shipping quantity.  The supplier's minimum shipping quantity is the least number of bottles that the supplier is willing to ship to any location within the state. The minimum quantity may be as small as one bottle or as large as a case.

Additional information regarding the Special Order Division may be directed to:
Karen Romberger
Special Order Supervisor