Business Partner Research Opportunities

Business Partner Research Opportunity or BPRO is the chance for colleges, vendors or other industry research analysts to partner with the PLCB. All Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores Point-of-Sale data is collected in a central database which makes research ideal!
Partners will be expected to share all data collected at any of the PA Fine Wine Good Spirits Stores, depending on the research type. Partners will also be expected to communicate openly with the Bureau of Market & Store Analytics (BMSA) before, during and after the project – giving ample time for the planning process in the beginning and reporting/presentation to close the project.
Research Types
Survey – formal research study. This may involve a third party research partner.
Papers / Previously Conducted Research Solicitation– for publication, conferences or study

Non-Exclusive Agreement for Market Research
The Non-Exclusive Agreement for Market Research must be read and completed before engaging in a research study with PLCB. However, ideas for studies can and should be discussed with the Director of Market & Store Analytics before any form of information sharing or study begins.

Projects or Subjects Currently of Interest to the PLCB 

Television Brand Marketing Impact Study
Analyze sales in areas where wine or spirits brand television advertising is taking place and compare to other like areas where no television advertising is taking place (within PA borders)
Neuro-Marketing in Advertising
Use biological feedback or eye-tracking to evaluate responses to Fine Wine & Good Spirits Advertising (social media, print, radio, television)
Path Analysis
A Heat-mapping / Path-analysis study would determine high-traffic areas and/or underutilized areas in stores
Multi-Purchase Consumer Decision Trees
Create decision trees using the factors determined by customers which lead to multiple purchases. Include differentiation between wine and spirits; also  consider alternative packaging impacts
Survey Research
Any project requiring face-to-face / intercept surveys with Fine Wine & Good Spirits customers. Ideas might include:
·         Advertising / billboards
·         Store preference factors
·         Border bleed observation study
Research Papers
Research which involves luxury disposable income as it relates to wine and spirits purchasing; especially regarding trends in luxury goods such as:
·         Seasonality
·         Impact of economy on sales
·         Messaging / Media mix used to target luxury shoppers
Previously Conducted Surveys
Format Differentiation Study: Share completed study regarding differences between store formats such as:
·         Grocery
·         Pharmacy
·         Wine & Spirits Stores
Study will have taken place outside Pennsylvania and would compare factors such as sales, inventory turns, sales per square foot and any customer insights

Questions? Details? Please contact William Harlan, Director of BMSA at