Bid Opportunities

The Bureau of Purchasing and Contract Administration coordinates the procurement of all supplies and services required to operate the Agency's stores and offices. Solicitations include:

Invitation For Bids
Requests For Quotes 
Requests For Proposals
Requests For Information

The Bureau maintains vendor lists covering a broad range of commodities and services. Vendors wishing to have their names added to a list of companies to be notified of bidding opportunities should send an email to the address below. Email should include your business name, address, telephone and fax number, contact person's name and e-mail address, and the types of commodities or services your company offers. 

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Bureau of Purchasing and Contract Administration
Room 316, Northwest Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17124-0001
717-787-9851 (voice)   |   717-783-8927 (fax)  

All suppliers doing business with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board are required to register with PLCB's Supplier Unit and have their information entered in to PLCB's Oracle systems database. Registration is available at: PLCB-2348 Supplier Registration Form