Nuisance Bar Program – Table of Contents

I. Introduction and Overview
II. Criteria
III. Delegation
IV. Identifying Potential Candidates for Non-Renewal

A. Citation History
B. Divestiture
C. Egregious Activity
D. Community Complaints
E. Amusement/Entertainment Permits

V. Evaluation of Evidence
VI. The Renewal Decision

A. Objection to Renewal
B. The Hearing Process
C. Hearings
D. Adjudication (Board Decision)
E. Appeals

VII. Conditional Licensing Agreements
VIII. Strategies

A. Empower the Community
B. Education/Guidance

1. For the Community
2. For the Police Authorities
3. For the Licensee

IX. Lessons of the Nuisance Bar Program Prosecution

A. Preparation
B. Coalitions
C. Factual, Credible Evidence
D. Withstanding Appeal
E. Immediate/Timely Relief

X. Summary
XI. Appendix

A. Map of Pennsylvania’s Licensing Districts
B. Excerpts of Selected Liquor Code and Title 40 Sections
C. Incident Documentation Form and Local Police Official Questionnaire
D. Index of Terms