Licensee Ordering

The new Licensee Online Ordering Portal (LOOP) allows you to prepare and submit an order through the internet.

Your home store is automatically selected as your merchandise pickup store. If you do not have a home store or if you wish to pick up your merchandise at a different store, you can enter the store number when prompted.

You must register to place online orders.

If you have any questions, are experiencing problems using LOOP or would like to offer suggestions on how we can improve this site, please e-mail us at

The following information should be provided by any licensees inquiring with a technical issue:
• Device the user has (Laptop/Workstation or Tablet)
• Operating System and Browser
• User ID for the person the issue happened to (just in case someone else is calling in on their behalf)
• Time the Issue happened (as accurate as possible)
• Description of the issue encountered, including the screen they were on and the steps they took prior to the issue arising
• If at all possible a screen shot of the issue

The following browsers and corresponding versions are supported for LOOP:

Internet Explorer

IE 11 and above


43.0.2357.130 m and above


31 and above


7.1.6 and above



Mobile Safari

8 and above

* Disclaimer regarding tablet usage: LOOP has been optimized for licensees to leverage tablet devices. However, the browsing experience may vary dependent on the screen resolution, the operating system and the connection speed of the tablet device. We will continually work to enhance the user experience across a range of tablet devices.