Direct Shipping of Wine to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania consumers may purchase wine over the Internet and have it shipped to a Fine Wine & Good Spirits store of their choice, so long as the following criteria, established by law, are met:

• The wine must not be otherwise available for sale by the PLCB.
• The wine must be purchased from a Direct Wine Shipper (DWS) licensed by the PLCB.
• The customer may not purchase more than nine liters per month from a single DWS.
• There will be a shipping charge, a $4.50 handling fee, Pennsylvania's 18 percent liquor tax and sales tax (6 percent statewide, plus an additional 2 percent local sales tax in Philadelphia and an additional 1 percent local sales tax in Allegheny County) added to the final cost.
• The customer receiving the wine must be at least 21 years of age.

Placing an Order

• Follow the instructions on the DWS's website.
• If you are unable to pick up the order in person, designate another person at least 21 years of age to pick up your order.
• Print a copy of the receipt, which you will need to pick up your merchandise.

Picking Up an Order

• The store manager will call you when your shipment arrives. You or your designee will have 30 days to pick up your shipment.
• A copy of your receipt must be presented at the store in order to receive your merchandise.
• You or your designee and store personnel will inspect the shipment to ensure the order is correct.
• You or your designee will sign an affidavit verifying you are at least 21 years of age and that the wine is for personal consumption.

Damaged or Incorrect Merchandise

• When the order arrives at the store, PLCB personnel will inspect it for damage/accuracy. Any problems will be noted, and store staff will let you know about them when they notify you of the delivery.
• The PLCB is not responsible for any problems that occur prior to delivery, and any returns/adjustments must be arranged directly with the DWS.
• If damage occurs after the PLCB receives the merchandise, the PLCB will notify the customer and send a reimbursement check directly to the customer.