Individual Forms

Important Notice: As of Monday, November 2, the fee for Criminal History Record checks will be $8.

PLCB-3  |  Application for Club Liquor or Retail Dispenser License*
PLCB-4  |  Application for New Public Service License*
PLCB-6  |  Membership Roll*
PLCB-21  |  Application for Transfer of License and Permit*
PLCB-26  Application for Retail Liquor or Retail Dispenser License and Permits*
PLCB-35 Application for Distributor or Importing Distributor License*
PLCB-49  |  Application for Extension of Retail License to Cover Additional Premises*
PLCB-56  Application for Replacement License, Permit or Purchase Cards*
PLCB-96  Application for Exchange of License for Distributor or Importing Distributor of Malt Beverages*
PLCB-171  |  Fixed Deposit Form
PLCB-193  Affidavit of Compliance*
PLCB-196  Individual Questionnaire for Officers, Directors, Stockholders, Business Trustees, Limited Liability Company Members, Limited or General Partners*
PLCB-318  Application for Sunday Sales/Amusement Permit/Extended Hours Food License
PLCB-482  Application for License Distillery Certificate Broker Permit*
PLCB-702  Schedule of Wholesale License Fees/Reciprocal Fees for Out of State Liquor
PLCB-706  Application for Approval of Appointment of Manager*
PLCB-866  Application for Notice of Change in the Officers, Directors, Stockholders or Manager of Licensed Corporation, Except Clubs*
PLCB-959  Application for Correction to License, Permits or Agent's Registration*
PLCB-1136  Waiver/Authorization and Late Filing Statement*
PLCB-1229  Application for Special Occasion Permit*
PLCB-1296  Public Notice of Application Alcoholic Beverages Placard
(This public notice is an oversized placard that will be mailed to you upon request.)
PLCB-1350  Application for License Manufacture, Storage or Transportation*
PLCB-1355  Application for Importer or Sacramental Wine License *
PLCB-1357  Application for Vendor's or Sales Permit*
PLCB-1358  Application for Wholesale Liquor Purchase Permit (Mfg. Pharmacists and Chemists) Or Bulk Liquor Purchase Permit (Non-Beverage Manufacturers)*
PLCB-1359  Application for Wholesale Alcohol Purchase Permit*
PLCB-1360  Application for Importer's Additional Warehouse License *
PLCB-1367  Application for Wholesale Liquor Purchase Permit for Hospitals, Pharmacists and State Institutions*
PLCB-1685  Application for Additional Board-Approved Location*
PLCB-1689  Application for Return of License from Safekeeping*
PLCB-1708  Application for Extension of Wholesale License to Cover Additional Premises*
PLCB-1773  Appendix Social Security Information*
PLCB-1842  Individual Financial Disclosure Affidavit*
PLCB-1855  Application for Registration of Agent (Broker) *
PLCB-1898  Tax Certification Statement*
PLCB-1898A Tax Certification Statement for Management Company*
PLCB-1986  Application by Club Licensee for Extended Hours Food Permit*
PLCB-2018  Request for Criminal Record Check*
PLCB-2068  Non-Commercial Lender Affidavit *
PLCB-2073  Application for Wine Auction Permit*
PLCB-2173  Application for Pennsylvania Manufacturer's Storage License*
PLCB-2174  Application for Out-Of-State Manufacturer's Storage License*
PLCB-2196  Application for Ethyl (Grain) Alcohol Purchase*
PLCB-2217  Application for Public Venue or Performing Arts Facility Restaurant Liquor License*
PLCB-2236  Application for Direct Wine Shipper*
PLCB-2241  Application for Permanent Economic Development Restaurant Liquor or Eating Place Retail Dispenser License or Permits*
PLCB-2277  Application for Use of Management Company*
PLCB-2278 Application for Exchange of License for Club or Catering Club Liquor*
PLCB-2289  Application for Sunday Sales Permit (Wholesale Licenses)*
PLCB-2313  Application by Hotel Licensee for Exemption From Bedroom Requirements*
PLCB-2318 Limited Winery Exposition Permit*
PLCB-2319  Application for Extension of Safekeeping Period*
PLCB-2345  Probation/Parole Officer Questionnaire*
PLCB-2383  Application for Brandy Permit for Religious Purposes*
PLCB-2384 |   Dual Employment Affidavit*
PLCB-2403  Application for Off-Premises Catering Permit*
PLCB-2403A  |  Application for Off-Premises Catered Function
PLCB-2404  Application for Limited Winery Farmers Market Permit*
PLCB-2466  |  Credit Card on File ACH Form
Petition to Intervene