Filing Petitions

The following petition templates are provided to facilitate the adjudication process.

In completing petitions, please ensure:

• All sections of a petition are complete, including licensee name, trade name (if available), premises address, citation number, LID number, license or permit number and the reason for filing the petition. Attach additional sheets if necessary. 
• The “ORDER” section within some petitions is left blank. This section will be completed by the assigned ALJ.
• The bottom section of the petition, including an Attorney ID number if applicable, is complete.

Before submitting the petition to the Office of ALJ, print and maintain a copy for the licensee’s records and forward a copy to the opposing party.

If a filing fee is associated with a petition, make the check payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and send it with the petition to the following address:

Office of Administrative Law Judge
Brandywine Plaza
2221 Paxton Church Road
Harrisburg, PA 17110 


PLCB-1918 - Appeal of Administrative Law Judge Adjudication

PLCB-1919 - Application for Supersedeas 

PLCB-2301 - Motion to Amend Citation
Used when a specific issue of discrepancy exists with the accuracy of the Citation.

PLCB-2302 – Motion to Consolidate Citations
Used when requesting that two or more Citations be consolidated into one Citation.

PLCB-2303 – Application for Reconsideration
Used when licensee is requesting the Administrative Law Judge reconsider the penalty imposed.  A filing fee of $25.00 and the Application for Reconsideration must be received in the Office of Administrative Law Judge within fifteen days of the mailing date of the Adjudication .

PLCB-2304 – Motion to Dismiss Citation
Used to petition for the dismissal of a Citation.

PLCB-2305 – Motion to Withdraw Citation
Used to petition for the withdrawal of a Citation.

PLCB-2306 – Pre-Hearing Memorandum
Used by either party to list proposed witnesses, testimony and exhibits being presented at the hearing as well as licensee/counsel availability.

PLCB-2307 – Post-Hearing Brief
Used if the Administrative Law Judge requires additional evidence after the hearing.

PLCB-2308 – Supplemental Pre-Hearing Memorandum
Used by either party to present additional witnesses, testimony and exhibits prior to the hearing.

PLCB-2309 – Entry of Appearance
Used by counsel to enter their appearance when representing a licensee.

PLCB-2310 – Citation Hearing Continuance Request
Used to request the postponement and rescheduling of the citation hearing.