Jobs We Offer

Approximately 98% of the positions filled in the PLCB are Civil Service which means a Civil Service examination must be passed in order to be employed by our agency. Pennsylvania residency is required for most jobs in the PLCB.

We have over 3,000 employees assigned to a wide variety of occupational areas; administrative, clerical, purchasing, educational, information technology, warehousing and logistics, marketing and other areas related to the purchase and sales of our products. Our largest area of employment is in our Wine and Spirits Stores where we employ over 2,200 store clerks and store managers in the over 600 Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores located throughout the state.

The entry level store position is the Intermittent Liquor Store Clerk (ILSC). The ILSC is a permanent part-time position normally involving 13 to 32 hours of work per week. These part-time positions lead to full-time Liquor Store Clerk 1 positions. However, depending upon operational needs and the availability of vacant positions, you may also be hired directly into a full-time Liquor Store Clerk position. To apply, visit the Pennsylvania Civil Service at and create an account. Then click on test announcement #2009-019, for Liquor Store Clerk positions, and schedule a time to take a civil service exam.

The PLCB also employs approximately 500 Seasonal Liquor Store Clerks during the summer months (June, July and August) as well as 900 during the holiday season (November and December). These positions do not require a Civil Service examination. To apply for a seasonal position, please click on this link.

A very limited number of positions are Non-Civil Service, which include Attorneys, Custodial, and senior level positions, and do not require an examination for employment.

Whether Civil Service or Non-Civil Service, your employment with the PLCB will be worth it!