The PLCB Bureau of Alcohol Education makes available numerous resources to the public, elected officials, educators, community leaders, parents and others.

• Each year, the bureau distributes hundreds of thousands of brochures, pamphlets and coloring sheets. These materials are available, free of charge, as downloadable PDFs or printed documents.

• DUI resources explain Pennsylvania law with regard to driving under the influence, illustrate impairment levels and explain penalties associated with DUI.

• The John R. Elliot HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers® promotes the use of sober drivers to prevent drunk driving tragedies and seeks to register a million designated drivers nationally.

• SaferRide, an app available for free download on Android and Apple devices, is a great option to facilitate a safe ride home. Once the app is downloaded, you can use it to call a taxi or a friend by identifying your location so you can be picked up.