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It is important to note, the Bureau of Market & Store Analytics (BMSA) works from Point-of-Sale data; BMSA reports are NOT financial reports, they are marketing reports. Therefore they do not include sales tax nor do they use the Fiscal Calendar (they use the Retail Calendar) – unless otherwise noted. 

Reports and Publications
Retail Year in Review 2014-2015
Retail Year in Review 2013-2014
Retail Year in Review 2012-2013
Retail Year in Review 2011-2012
Retail Year in Review 2010-2011
Retail Year in Review 2009-2010

Methodologies & Processes
The Bureau of Market & Store Analytics (BMSA) primarily conducts two kinds of research: report based and study based. Reports are often generated and analyzed either as a one-time report or as a consistent set of reports which are done on a schedule. A Study is usually done in the form of a project (following typical Project Management documentation and process) and includes a literature review for industry best practices, initial findings, etc. Studies use the industry best practices for statistical methods and for the retail and wine and spirits industry including trends, Market Basket Analysis (MBA), customer surveys and predictive analytics.