Faith S. Diehl, Chief Counsel

Faith S. Diehl
Chief Counsel

Chief Counsel Faith Diehl serves as an advisor to the PLCB in the review and resolution of all active legal problems of high impact, specialized nature, unusual difficulty, complexity and/or paramount interest. She renders final opinions upon the legality and propriety of all statutes, rules and regulations relating to the possession, manufacture, sale, consumption and transportation of alcohol within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Faith also supervises the work of staff attorneys and hearing examiners. She monitors pending legislation, advises legislators and staff regarding Board interests and technical issues of the Liquor Code and represents the Board in highly complex and important litigation. She confers with private citizens' groups, attorneys for licensees and government officials to advise them of the applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to alcoholic beverages.

Faith received her bachelor's degree from Elizabethtown College and was awarded her Juris Doctorate degree from Rutgers University School of Law.